What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing can be done from almost anywhere

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is taking other peoples products and marketing them on your website/blog. For doing this, you receive a commission of upwards of 50 percent of the sale. In some cases it can be as high as 100 percent. Usually when it is 100 percent, the sales price is low and the person offering the product has other offers they will make once the person has purchased the first item,

What is Affiliate Marketing to you the person marketing an item?

Affiliate marketing is many things. Affiliate marketing can provide the necessary tools for the creative and hardworking individual to venture out on their own. Affiliate marketing can provide the opportunity to earn money doing what you are good at. Affiliate marketing can allow someone to use their skills and expertise for their own financial gain, rather than the financial gain of another person or entity. Finally, Affiliate marketing can get people started in their own business enterprises with very little  cost or risk to themselves.

Affiliate marketing can do all of those things and more. First, Affiliate marketing is perfect for the independent hardworking individual. Many of us are stuck in day to day jobs. We work incredibly hard and receive little reward. There is nearly no incentive to work harder. When you work in the field of affiliate marketing, the world is your oyster. Your paid by your performance so the harder you work, generally the better off you’ll be. When you work as an affiliate, you are working as a representative of another company. However, your reward is directly linked with what you produce. If you’re someone who frequently gets good results at work then this could be a great opportunity for you. It will be best for you if you work in an area that you know something about, so that you can write articles that will promote the product that you will be marketing. This is called niche marketing.

Next Affiliate marketing can provide the opportunity to earn money by doing something that you are good at. Those that have a knack for sales and marketing are perfect for affiliate marketing. Those that are creative and used to hard work can also make an excellent living. Your skills will be used to work for you. If you have a natural knack for these kinds of projects then this could put extra money into your bank account.  As an affiliate, anything that you do to increase sales or traffic if it is internet based will benefit you and you directly as long as you are honest and offer your customers only products that you truly believe in.

Finally, Affiliate marketing can get someone started in their own business for a small  cost, usually under $150 to $200 dollars and very little risk to themselves. Many of us would love to work for ourselves. The two main reasons why we don’t are money and risk. You need a decent amount of capital to start even a small business. The risk involved is also tremendous with more than half of small businesses failing in the first year. Affiliate marketing can get you started working for yourself. They handle all of the products and advertising and you just concentrate on selling. If yours is an internet based program, you concentrate on increasing traffic. You’re paid according to how well you do regardless of how the company is performing.

You will need a domain name and a hosting sight. After you are up and running you will also want an autoresponder, but you don’t need that to get started.

For the Domain, I use GoDaddy. You can get a domain for only $7.49 per year if you use my link; Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy This is my affiliate connection, and if you use it I will make a couple of dollars and you will save a few dollars, so it is a win/win for the both of us. Once you are up and blogging, you can become an affiliate of GoDaddy also.

There are a few good hosting companies available on the internet. Host Gator and Blue Host are two of the best. I personally use Blue Host because I have found the staff to be very helpful if I have a question or problem. Their site has cpanel, which is something that you will want, and they offer videos on how to use it. With cpanel, you can set up a free website on WordPress with only a couple of clicks of your mouse. If you would like to check out Blue Host you can do it here. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM Again, this is my affiliate connection and I make money while I save you money. These are examples of how affiliate marketing works.

If you have dreamed of working for yourself then affiliate marketing can be your dream come true. You can make money based on your hard work. Once you have your niche picked out and gotten your domain name, you are on your way. If you have always wanted to start a business of your own and you enjoy the internet,  consider the world of affiliate marketing. Your skills and expertise could be increasing your bank balance while you do something you enjoy.

I hope I have answered the question What is Affiliate Marketing ?

One of the side benefits that I enjoy is that my office (laptop) can travel any where I want to go. I enjoy spending time in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I take my computer, and I spend an hour or two some mornings, having coffee on the beach, while I write my blog post on my laptop. There is wireless everywhere, so I just post my message, and the people on my list get the latest post.    Not a bad way to earn a living.

If you would like a no cost copy of the booklet “Five Quick Ways To Monetize Your Blog” visit http://Gateway2OnlineSuccess.com

There will always be room for new bloggers, writing new content, so join in, you might make a little extra money, and you might make a lot, but you won’t know until you try.

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Making Back-End & Residual Commissions

Learn affiliate marketing and you will always have product to sell

Making Back-End & Residual Commissions

Residual income puts money in an affiliate marketer’s pocket without any work or effort on their part. It doesn’t get any better than that. Sales of back-end products allow you to get paid for work that you do more than once. The idea here is to work smarter…not harder.

So what are back-end products? They are products/services you offer to existing customers, i.e. to people who have already bought a first product (front-end product. lead product) from you.
Most online marketers make much more money selling customers the second, third, fourth etc. product than selling their first product. The reason is that people who’ve already bought from you once are much more likely to buy again.

Strategies like back-end offers shifts the focus from the short sighted “take the money and run” strategy that is so much in use on the internet today. You’ve seen these sites all over. The focus is on getting a massive amount of traffic and then selling visitors an over-priced product that doesn’t deliver what was promised. They might make money in the short run but they will only sell to each customer once and will have to continue spending a lot of money on advertising to get new suckers to visit their site.

More successful sites focus on building a strong relationship with their customers. Your main goal shouldn’t be to just make sure your customers are somewhat satisfied…you want them to be extremely satisfied. If you deliver the goods, your customers will trust you more. If you have their trust, you can sell them again and again. When you send your very satisfied customers an email offering another product that they would be interested in, they will flock to your site to buy it because they trust you. Trust is everything.

Affiliate Sales Domination

Let me show you How To Get Cash In The Bank Without A Website, Experience Or Even An Idea! Just click on this link for more information http://williamloves.me/Affiliate Sales

It’s the place I started and it has helped thousands just like you and me.


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Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Affiliate Marketing with NAMS

NAMS is the place to master Affiliate Marketing

If you want to find out more about Affiliate Marketing Made Easy then I would like to suggest that you visit http://williamloves.me/MyNAMS

Everything good that you may have read about MyNAMS being the leader in Affiliate Marketing is correct. But there is a small monthly fee to belong to this group of about 4000 people. and I have information that the price is subject to increase at the end of this month.

Go over to http://williamloves.me/MyNAMS and take a look around, attend a few of the free weekly webinars presented by different experts in different fields of Affiliate marketing. Their free, and you will receive a lot of valuable information

If you were wondering NAMS stands for Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems





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Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid


Affiliate marketing can Help build your website when done correctly

Pitfalls to Avoid when starting your  Business, that you should know about.

You may have left your regular  job or it may have left you, so now you are working for yourself. You have jumped on board your new venture which is affiliate marketing. You’re incredibly excited and are working all the hours God sends to make this venture a success. Perhaps, your checking up and monitoring your site and you see that sales are going quite well. Many of the strategies and things that you put in place have helped your affiliate company sell quite a bit. The end of the month finally arrives and you’re waiting for that first large payment. When you check your account you are slightly disappointed. You did make some money but according to your calculations you should have had more. You check your sales figures again and decide to contact the company. They inform you that some of the items sold were returned so those had to be deducted from your commission.

This is disappointing but it does happen. Companies do not pay out commission on returned goods. You need to be aware of this to avoid falling into further pitfalls. No one would expect to be paid a commission on a returned item however; some less than honest affiliate marketing companies can use this to scam some of your profits. You need to make sure you understand their return policy and how it will affect the amount that you are paid.

A return occurs of course when a customer brings an item back. Charge backs can also happen when they dispute an amount on a credit card. Be sure you keep a close watch on which items are being charged back or returned. See if there are any patterns that are obvious. If you notice that the orders that are charged back are always very high ticket orders then they could be giving you false information. They are doing this to keep you commission down and keep some for themselves. Keep a close eye on returns especially if you think it is happening a little too often.

Charge backs are also indicative of another more serious problem. If you notice that many of these charge backs are happening during an initial trial period, or  the money back guarantee time, then there could be further problems. This is a sign that the product or service that you are promoting isn’t up to customer satisfaction. It could be misleading or just poor quality. However, it will effect your commission and your future as an affiliate marketer. If this seems like it is happening a little too often then again, there are problems somewhere in the company. Look to get out and make alternative arrangements.

You also need to be aware of which items  actually pay a commission. Make sure you understand which products you will be earning money from to avoid disappointment later. Sometimes the company will offer a selection of products to put on your site, however only certain items may pay a commission. Before agreeing to anything like this check your terms and conditions carefully.

Finally, you also need to make sure that items that are sold don’t have any other conditions attached. Some will only pay a commission if the customer fills in the payment details immediately. If they select an item and continue to shop, you may not receive any commission on that item. You can also loose commission if the customer clicks on any other links before completing the order. If they order 30 of an item you promoting but click on something else then you have lost out on quite a large amount of commission.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. However, before jumping in head first you need to read your terms and conditions carefully. It may be worth having an attorney look them over for you. You need to be aware of the many pitfall people fall into when they go into affiliate marketing. Read and understand your terms to avoid disappointment later.

A good place to start looking for affiliate products that you might like to present to your readers is at clickbank. Check them out and sign up for an account. They charge a small fee but they do work hard to make sure everyone gets an honest deal. There are others that are also quite honest in work to keep everyone happy. Look around, talk to friends that are also into online marketing. There are tons of great products available For the affliliate marketer. Don’t just rush in without checking out the companies. Once you have found one that you feel good about you will be also know which Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Happy Blogging

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Blogging – The Basics

Blogging can be fun and profitable

An Introduction to Blogging – The Basics is simple, it is your way to be heard by the masses. If you have something to share with friends or with everyone, and you want to share it on a regular basis, they you want to start a blog.

The blogging phenomena has reached the attention of the masses far and wide. Those who appreciate journalism would enjoy engaging in the new hype of writing articles. Blogging’s popularity is constantly devouring the multimedia industry through the contributions of the literary advocate.

It’s a web page jam packed with all the journalistic compositions and discussions about different agendas. A combination of having an on-line diary, compact topics, the role of blogging has become vital to cyber society.

Blogs are updated on a regular basis and are arranged chronologically considering the first subject being the newest. Categories are organized. From archives to commentaries, to blogrolls down to the feeds.


Typically, a blog’s content would greatly depend on the topic it’s dealing with. If you’re advertising something, perfume, apparel, or a vintage automobile, you could feature catalogs of the products mentioned. Personal blogs consists of daily happenings, observations, comments about another’s comment. You can add what you are doing for the day, add recipes or even add photos of your favorite project.

Schools and universities can put posts containing write-ups regarding their campus’ historical background, faulty and subjects or courses offered. A blog should be updated daily to give readers reasons to keep coming back for more. A human mind always seeks for something new. Therefore, update.


Comments are very much welcome. Come one, come all! It doesn’t matter who would give out a comment for as long as somebody did write something. Bottom line: what you’ve written had an effect on that mind and aroused some opinions to merit it. Be glad you have a comment. At least someone has read your posts. Here, interaction takes place.

Tools and Concepts

Blogging can be a fuss if you don’t how the process works. What in the world does RRS, URL, blogroll, and all that jazz mean? How can I use it? For greater understanding, here are some terms and definitions of some of the tool usually used in blogging and the concepts that go with it.

Below are the letters comprising the blogging alphabet. Some letters were not included for the reason that it’s totally irrelevant to the readers and might cause confusion on their part. I’ve just enumerated the frequently asked terms.

Archives – records of important documents or files preserved, blogs you have posted in the past.

Blogrolls – categorized list of networks to web pages.

Comment Spam – irrelevant comments posted on a web page containing stuff that you may not want on your blog. You can delete them r share them.

Downloads – a verb pertaining to the pictures, audios, or videos streamed from the author’s device memory

Excerpt – summarized ideas of the post usually having a part of the entire article

Feeds – part of another’s site supplying the material for one site

Guests – are the readers, viewers, spammers, etc., who visits your site

Hosts – web sites willing to accommodate your registration as a blogger, these you pay for by the month or year. Yearly rates are usually lower.

Introduction – preliminary part of the blog page showing the personal profile of     the author or a brief description of the subject

Links – a tie up with a series of sections in the web suitable for navigation from     one site to another; also known as a “permalink” or “hyperlink”

Plugins – combined term for plug-ins, these are characters or scripts adding additional function to the site. They are really very simple to add to your blog and make it much easier to use.

And that’s it. All primary words elaborated above embody the blogging community. Easy access to the blog doesn’t mean easy manipulation. It must have certain concepts and tools to make blogging possible. The posts are one thing, how to capture the attention is the objective.

Blogging – the basics seem harder to first time users, but once you get started, it really becomes very easy.  It is fun, it can be a way to make extra income, a lot of people make a full time living by blogging. If you think that it is something that you might like,sign up at the top of the page for your free 15 page report on how to get started.

Happy blogging

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Affiliate Marketing Options

Affiliate Marketing is one way to make money from your blog

Affiliate Marketing Options, can make money with your blog, here are a few for you to review

Have you been wanting to give your notice on your current job for quite some time? Do you have Johnny Paychecks song, “take this job and shove it” as your cell phone ring tone? Have you been wanting to get into your own business but you’re afraid of the risk? Well the fears of risk are nothing to be laughed at. The vast majority of small businesses fail within the first year. There are a variety of reasons but the financial risk is incredibly high. To minimize the risk many look into the field of affiliate marketing. This takes about 90% percent of the risk factor away and allows you to set up a business for yourself. The best part is that you can run an affiliate business online, part time. This allows you to keep your other job until you are making some money with your own business and feel safe to leave the old job.

As an affiliate, you do actually work for another company or merchant. You sell either products or services depending on your particular skills and talents. Affiliate program are great for those that are creative, self motivated and not afraid of hard work. When you become an affiliate, the corporation takes on the risk. You can sign on to sell products or you can sell services. You can work to increase website traffic to other sites and receive referral payments, or you can create your own sites ad make money through ad revenue. The choice is entirely yours.

IF you are just starting out, you may want to join and affiliate program that has been established. You won’t be competing with other Internet giants and you’ll gain some necessary skills and experience.

I will not kid you, it takes a little time to get yourself set up and find the products that you can sell. One place where you can find affiliate Marketing options and products to sell online is at http:// Clickbank.com They have hundreds of offers there that you can pick from. If you chose one of those products and it sells, clickbank takes care of the delivery of the product, the collection of the money and after taking a small percentage of the sale, deposits your money directly into your Paypal account. Those are very nice features to have when you are just starting out. There are people on the internet that become so successful at affiliate marketing that they become what is known as Super Affiliates, and they make  enough money to live a very nice lifestyle. It does not happen overnight but with time and work, they have gotten to where they only work three or four hours a day, and they can put their business on “Auto pilot” for a few days up to a few weeks when they want to travel. We can not promise that it will happen to you, everyone is different and everyone works differently.  We each set out goals and work towards them.

If you are interested in more information on Affiliate marketing online,  you can get a free copy of my report “The Super Affiliate Survival Guideline” by visiting http://www.AfiliateGuideline.com It’s a 17 page report that will give you an overview on how to avoid making mistakes when you are just starting to be an affiliate marketer..

I wish you success..on parting note, it is never to crowed on the internet. Follow your dream and with time you could become very successful.

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Five Steps to Online Marketing Success

Getting Started as an Online Marketer can be very rewarding

These Five Steps to Online Marketing Success is a basic map to help you get started.

Are you making it too complex? This is a really simple business. Basically there are only a few parts.

1. Choose a market

This is the group of people you are going to sell to. There is no magic to this process. You merely choose the people you want to serve.

Sometimes it’s a group of people you are a part of. For example, you like to play golf, so you sell to golfers.

Sometimes, it’s a group of people who are likely to buy. For example, even if you are not a golfer you know that golfers are always trying to improve their game, so you choose to serve the golfers’ market.

2. Find something to sell

Now that you know the people who you are going to serve, you’ll get to know them. You’ll discover the problems that they face on a daily basis. Then you’ll find a solution to offer them.

Naturally you can create or pay someone else to create the solution for them. That’s considered creating your own product.

Or you can find an existing product and tell them about that one. That’s the affiliate marketing model.

3. Capture their information

While you can send them directly to the sales page, you will never build an online business doing that. So you want to offer them a reason to give you their name and email.

For that you generally offer a free report or audio or video. Something that is about solving the very problem they’ve come to solve.

Once they are added to your list you’ll add them to an autoresponder sequence that relates to that topic.

4. Sell something

This is the first place you make money. After all, you already know your audience. You know what their problems are. And you’re presenting them with a solution to those problems.

So they are likely to buy if they recognize that this solution solves their problem. Or offers them the opportunity to do what they love better, faster or with less work.

Over time you will work to improve the number of sales you make, whether it’s by
- getting better, more targeted traffic
- getting more people to opt in to see the sales page
- improving your sales page, if it’s your product
- or a combination of these factors.

But for right now, on the basic Online Success Map, your job is just to offer them the solution to purchase.

5. Sell related products

One of the biggest mistakes new marketers make is stopping after the offer of the solution. Whether your visitor buys or not, your job has just started!

For everyone on your optin list, you should be providing steady information to them on the topic for which they signed up. Ideally you want to provide frequent messages for the first couple of weeks, then settle into a minimum of one message per week.

What do you include? Information that is helpful, as well as other recommended products to help them solve all of their problems or fulfill their wants.

If you follow the simple 5-step map, you’ll quickly create your Online Success. If however you would like a little more information check out Dr. Jeanette Cates offer below.

Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with online business owners to help them create their Online Success. She offers a free video overview of her Steps to Online Success at the http://OnlineSuccessIncubator.com/cmd.php?af=1219650

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Internet Marketing is not in a down Economy

There is money to be made with Internet Marketing, even in a down economy

Internet Marketing is not in a down Economy and it does not appear to be headed into one even while other businesses are struggling.

When the economy is down, everyone suffers. Or do they? Just because the economy goes bad it doesn’t automatically mean that everyone will suffer. In fact, there are many Internet Marketers who do very well when there is a recession. Not only do they do well in spite of the down economy, but they do well because of the down economy. Here is how you can take advantage of an economic downturn.

As with anything in Internet Marketing, you want to market what people want and need. You want to sell products that are in demand. So think about the types of things people need because of the economy. What types of niches are not affected by the economy and which niches are actually thriving?

First, more people are turning to the Internet to find ways to beat their economic problems. This makes niches like debt relief, job hunting, and self motivation are obvious niches to get into. But there are other niches that should be hot, too.

Think outside the box and think down the road in order to find all the niches that are impacted by a bad economy.

For example, people are trying to save their money or simply don’t have a lot of money to spend. So, that means people are cutting down on going out to eat and to see shows and other forms of entertainment.

Will people stop having fun? Probably not. So what will people want to do then? They will probably want to stay home and watch movies. So now might be a great time to be an affiliate for some of the movie places that allow people to rent movies and have the movies delivered right to their home.

Another example is that often couples begin to fight when money gets tight. This leads to relationships being strained. So more people will be heading to the Internet to try to find suggestions for how to improve their relationship. This makes the relationship niche hotter than ever.

Another impact of the economic problems is that many people are looking for a new job or for sources of additional revenue. If you already refer people to programs in how to start their own business online, this is a good time to ramp up your efforts. Even if your primary market is not in that field, you may want to offer a helpful program to provide that information to your list, knowing that many of them are looking.

A down economy is not automatically a bad thing for Internet Marketing. While some niches will certainly be affected negatively, other niches will actually be helped by a down economy. The key is for the Internet Marketer to think about what happens in a down economy and then think about what will happen as a result. Then you simply provide recommendations that will answer a need or want. That will lead to success.

Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with new online business owners who are ready to create Online Success. Claim your complimentary video on “Getting Started Online” at thehttp://OnlineSuccessIncubator.com/cmd.php?af=1219650

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Affiliate Marketing – An Easy Way to Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate marketing can Help build your website

Affiliate Marketing – An Easy Way to Monetize Your Blog and become an online Success.

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up to promote other people’s products (or services) for a share of the sale in the form of commissions.  As an affiliate marketer, you usually don’t need any special training or start-up funding. You can earn upwards of 75% of the sales, however most pay 50% per sale.

Your tasks as an affiliate marketer will be to find the people interested in the product that you are promoting and send them to the product owner’s sales page, allowing them to convert the prospect into a buyer.  The more targeted you are with your traffic promotions, the higher your conversion rate will be. You will be given your own link to use when you send them to the sales page. Always use this link, it is how they track your referrals.

There are many things you can promote as an affiliate. On Amazon, for instance, you can promote anything tangible (and a few digital download to boot).  If you want to be in the soccer niche, you can include links using your Amazon associate (affiliate) ID to sell specific soccer balls and equipment, and soccer attire for almost any team. You can add books about soccer and Amazon will provide you with the link so that you get credit for any sales.

Other good places to check out are  ClickBank or PayDotCom where you will get a unique affiliate ID to promote an endless supply of information products.  They have hundreds of items for sale on almost any subject. What ever your niche is, you will be sure to find items for sale at these sites. The nice thing about ClickBank is that they take care of collecting the money from the sale, delivering the product, and sending you your share. (They take a very small percent for all that and they deposit your share directly into your account. All that leaves you to do is to promote the product.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about developing ideas and creating products.  You don’t have to deal with customer service follow-ups or continually process more products for the marketplace. Most Internet marketers get their start as Affiliate marketers which allows them to make some money while they are learning the ropes and developing products of their own.

Your job is often made easier by product owners who care so much about their own success, that they provide a toolbox to help you with yours!  The toolbox usually includes ready made emails, web reviews, and banner ads you can use with your own link embedded in them for instant plug-n-play success. You can use theirs and you can write some of your own. make sure that you know and understand the products you are promoting so that you can write from experience.

Most Internet marketers will eventually blur the lines of product owner and affiliate marketer.  Product owners continually use their list of buyers to promote affiliate items, and affiliates often build such a good reputation in a niche that they’re urged to come out with a product of their own. If you are in a niche that you know a lot about, start thinking about what you could offer your customers that they are not presently being offered. Then you can start to create your own product.

I know of some Internet Marketers that have been working like this for five or six years. They make a six figure income yearly, and about 50 percent is from Affiliate marketing and 50 percent from their own products.

How much can an affiliate marketer earn? There are no limits. You can market multiple niches and work as much or as little as you want to generate targeted traffic through your links.  Super affiliates earn six figures or more, but even a beginner affiliate can earn enough to pay the bills each month – with some change to spare!

To learn more about making money on line and get your free copy of “Five Quick Ways To Monetize Your Blog”  visit http://Gateway2OnlineSuccess.com This  15 page report will help you discover how to get the most from your blog so that your earning while learning.

Good luck and happy blogging.

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Bloggging For Money

Becoming a Successful Online Blogger is a Great feeling

Ideas for Blogging For Money

Entrepreneurs are always looking for great ideas that they can turn into business ventures. Today a large percentage of bloggers are online entrepreneurs. Bloggers need fresh ideas for their blogs to keep their readers and subscribers  interested at all times. If your blogs are not interesting  you will soon lose your readers. In this article, you can find a few good ideas for blogging.

Many people begin blogging as a fun activity.  Then there are those who create blogs for serious reasons like making money. There are hundreds of income-generating opportunities that you can find online to make money.

If you want to make a living out of blogging, you have to be dedicated and hard working. There will come a time when you’re not in the mood to write blogs but you must overcome this and post your blogs regularly so that you remain seen by the web crawlers.  You need be able to maintain your rhythm so that you can produce the needed  posts each week. You need to organize and you must also have self discipline.

There is a lot of money that can be made by blogging online. You will find all kinds of offers from people telling you that you can set up a web page and head for the beach because you will be making money so fast that you won’t be able to count it all. These people are selling bright and shinny objects. There are many people making a six and seven figure income from their online sites, and they only work a few hours a day. But they put in the ground work the first couple of years, worked hard ever day, in order to reach the point they are at now. Don’t fall for the bright shinny objects. You will want to purchase courses from different people, that will help you reach your goals. Keep in mind that you will need to have blog posts so that people can find you on line, you will want to have something to sale, it could be an affiliate program or it could be your own product. You will also need a list to sell your products to.

As a blogger, you need to arrange everything. You must schedule all your tasks so that you can do them accordingly. Your posts should also have a fixed posting schedule. You will want a different time scheduled for reading other peoples blogs in your niche  and posting comments, and most especially, you have to have time for researching for new blog ideas.

New ideas may come up  when you least expect them. So it would be best to always have a notebook and pen with you wherever you go. Jot down all the ideas for a blow post so you won’t forget them. By taking notes, you will build up a list of ideas that help you meet all your writing deadlines.

If you read a lot, then you will know the recent things that are happening in the world that pertain to your niche. One of the best blog ideas is to tackle a major issue of society and offer an answer to the problems.. By reading newspapers, magazines, and other reading materials, you will keep informed of what’s happening in the different countries.

Aside from that, you can also write about your personal life as it relates to your niche. If you are writing about how to fix cars, it stands to reason that you have do this before. You can share stories of the problems you faced and how you went about fixing the problem. This will create a bond with your readers because they know that you’ve been there and done that.

Blogs can be about anything. No one will be there to tell you whether you’re right or wrong. But an effective blog will usually attract more readers and subscribers.

You must be able to come up with new blog ideas within your niche to keep things interesting. This will prevent monotony and you can keep your audience interested at all times. By conducting a little research, you will know more about the blog ideas that other people like to read. You can check out all the ideas and choose the ones that you’re also interested in. don’t write blogs that you’re not interested in because it will reflect in your blogs.

Exercise your mind. Always spend enough time to read and research so that new ideas will come popping into your mind. Never think of copying the ideas of other bloggers because your readers will lose their trust and confidence in you. When your Blogging For Money, trust is very very important.

Come up with your own blog ideas and you can continue in this kind of business.  You can even be more successful in the future and earn  money by becoming an affiliate blogger.

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How To Write Comments And Replies To Blog Posts

Before Commenting on a Blog Post, Read it First, Then Share Your Thoughts

How To Write Comments And Replies to Blog Posts appears to be a challenge to some well intending readers.

Most of us that blog and write articles are happy to receive comments about our work when someone has read it. We set up the “reply/leave comment” section and the “do follow” so that people can leave their thoughts about the articles.

“Nice job” or”nice article” or “I like your stuff” may not be considered a comment to a blog. The question is, did that person even read the blog? The chances are very good that they did not. They are just looking for a link back to their blog in an attempt to make Google believe that they have a large following.

With an article, something short like those statements above are nice to receive because an article is not really rewarding the person giving the comment as far as Google is concerned.

If you are going to comment on a blog post or article take the time to read the article. Add a point of interest in the comment section. You do not need to agree with the writer.  If you feel there is another way to look at the subject, write briefly about your point of view. If you enjoyed the article, make a note and add a little comment of your own.

Use spellchecker and complete sentences so that they make sense and reflect on the article you are commenting on.

We are all here to share information and help each other as we go along. We will refer others to someone who has commented on a blog post, if we feel they have something that would be of interested to our readers. Personally I will not send anyone to an adult site. A lot of Blog owners will not approve a comment that has a link in it to a product that someone is selling. If your selling something, write a good comment, get approved so that others can see your comment. If you created interest,readers will go to your site and that is where you present your products.

If you really feel that you have a lot to say about the subject you are reading, don’t write a 300 or 400 word comment. Contact the person who’s blog you are reading and  ask if they would be interested in “Guest Blogging” on each others site. It could be fun, It will give you a chance to be seen and heard by their readers and your readers with them.  However their comment section is not the place for your guest blog post.

Next time you read a good article or blog post, leave a little comment and let the author know how you feel about the article. We really do review the comments.

You will find an area to leave a comment just below this post, Hope you enjoyed the article, but I am thick skinned, so reply even if you disagree. When you enjoy an article like it on Facebook..twitter it..share it on linkedin or other social media, that’s what bloggers live for.




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